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our online converter catalog offers the ability to look up converters for the car you are working on. Some exhaust applications are being added, as well.

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The Environmental Protection Agency has issued the following installation requirements. The converter must be:

1. Installed only in one of three situations:

a. The converter is missing from the vehicle.
b. A state or local inspection program has determined that he existing converter has been lead-poisoned, damaged or otherwise needs replacement.
c. The vehicle is more than five (5) years old or has more than 50,000 miles on it, and there is a legitimate need for converter replacement that has been established and documented.

2. In the same location as the original converter;

3. The same type of converter as the original converter (i.e., oxidation, three-way or three-way with air);

4. The proper converter for the vehicle application as determined and specified by the manufacturer;

5. Connected properly to any existing air injection components on the vehicle;

6. Installed with all the other required converters for the particular application if more than one converter was installed originally by the vehicle manufacturer or, in the case of new aftermarket converters, if more than one converter was specified by the converter manufacturer;

7. If a new converter, accompanied by the warranty information card, filled in by installer.

Prior to installing a new converter, ensure that the engine is tuned to factory specifications and operating properly. The manufacturer assumes no liability for damage or failure of a catalytic converter due to installation on an improperly tuned or maintained engine.

Warning: Catalytic Converters operate at extremely high temperatures. Allow sufficient time for the converter to cool completely before handling.

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