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The Flowmaster mufflers 30 Series[tm] has been superseded by Flowmaster Super 40 Series mufflers.

The Flowmaster mufflers 40 Series[tm] is the most aggressive sounding street and strip muffler in Flowmaster mufflers' product line. If you are looking for the original "Flowmaster tone," the Flowmaster mufflers 40 Series[tm] is the one. The performance street and strip muffler will also generate interior resonance within the vehicle. So if you want to really hear your exhaust system inside the vehicle as well as outside it, the Flowmaster mufflers 40 Series[tm] is for you.

Flowmaster mufflers Super 40 significantly Outflows the older 2 chamber mufflers Even More Horsepower Less Interior sound and Deeper Exterior Sound New Patented Design 5 x 10 Inch Case Modeled after our Race Mufflers Flowmaster mufflers classic Black Case All Offset Models 2.25", 2.5", 3" Far exceeds older Flowmaster mufflers models on Dyno Tests

The Flowmaster mufflers 40 Series[tm] Delta Flow® is a milder sounding street and strip muffler that generates a powerful, aggressive sound outside the vehicle, a lower interior resonance while improving your torque and horsepower. The 40 Series [tm] Flowmaster mufflers come in Aluminzed and Stainless Steel. The Stainless Steel Flowmaster mufflers are made of 409 stainless steel, that incorporates a stainless steel containing titanium and other new generation alloys. The major advantage of these new stainless steel Flowmaster mufflers is the mufflers durability and longevity.

The Flowmaster mufflers 50 Series SUV-Performance[tm] muffler is a larger version of the Flowmaster mufflers 50 Series[tm] and is specially designed for trucks and SUVs. It is also designed to be installed on cars with large displacement engines. This version of the Flowmaster mufflers 50 Series[tm] features a special tuning chamber which reduces interior resonance and its larger 5" x 10" case for improved sound control and optimum exhaust flow.

The Flowmaster mufflers 50 Series[tm] Delta Flow® muffler is designed to produce a mellow, deep sound in most vehicle and truck applications. It is milder than the Flowmaster mufflers 40 Series[tm] on the outside of the vehicle, and is significantly quieter inside the vehicle, yet it still has the right performance sound and feel which is achieved with the use of a special Resonant Tuning Chamber within the muffler. Performance is comparable to the Flowmaster mufflers 40 Series.[tm] The Stainless Steel Flowmaster mufflers are made of 409 stainless steel, that incorporates a stainless steel containing titanium and other new generation alloys. The major advantage of these new stainless steel Flowmaster mufflers is the mufflers durability and longevity.

The Flowmaster mufflers 60 Series[tm] Performance muffler is designed specifically to bring Flowmastermufflers performance to smaller cars and trucks with small displacement 4 and 6 cylinder engines. All 60 Series[tm] Flowmaster mufflers feature Delta Flow technology for increased torque and horsepower and reduced interior resonance. When fitted with a standard tailpipe, the 60 series Flowmaster mufflers produce a mellow sound. A larger diameter tailpipe will create a deeper tone both inside and outside the vehicle.

The Flowmaster mufflers 70 Series[tm] Big Block® II is designed around a large Flowmaster case for maximum volume and efficiency. The case is two-inches narrower than Flowmaster mufflers original Big Block® muffler, making for easier installation in tight applications. The Flowmaster mufflers 70 Series[tm] offers a mild mellow exhaust tone and incorporates a Resonant Tuning Chamber for reduced interior sound levels. It is great for tow vehicles and RVs and trucks with dual exhaust.

The Flowmaster mufflers 80 Series[tm] performance street muffler is specially designed for applications where the muffler must be mounted transversely (crossflow) behind the rear axle, either to match an OE system or for increased ground clearance. The Flowmaster mufflers 80 Series[tm] is a true crossflow with single or dual inlet/dual outlet configurations and produces an aggressive muscle car sound.

Flowmaster mufflers built the Delta Force series of mufflers by hand to make sure that they are the very best for uses under the most demanding environments. These are the Flowmaster mufflers can deal with a 1,000 or more horsepower - the zone where truth and consequences come together at the light.

Flowmastermufflers proudly now offers an additional product to our line of Premium mufflers for the 1997-2001 C-5 Corvettes. These products are 80-Series® Flowmaster mufflers that offer minimal interior resonance while still offering an aggressive exterior performance tone. Features of this product include hangers for the factory mounting locations and twin 3.00" round rolled edge chromed stainless tips for an aggressive appearance.

Direct to header applications, The Scavenger Series,® by Flowmaster mufflers which features Flowmaster's patented Delta Flow technology, is designed to mate directly to the exhaust header primary tubes, replacing the collector on sprint cars only. It can be used to retrofit existing race headers or used as the collector for custom fabricated race headers. It is ideal for limited space applications on race cars requiring mufflers for sound reduction. Scavenger turndowns by Flowmaster mufflers that attach directly to the Scavenger Series® race mufflers and are highly recommended for even greater sound reduction.

Designed for use with street rods, customs and sport trucks. Flowmaster mufflers created Hushpower II as the perfect hot rod muffler. Can be used in multiple locations within the exhaust system. Stainless steel internal design with Cool Shell Technology. Guided sound control with broadband sound cancellation. Layered-laminar jet engine gas flow design. Designed to support up to 400 horsepower. Available in 2.00, 2.25 and 2.50-inch inlet/outlet. Small case size of 18.00-inch X 4.00-inch X 5.50-inch. All Hushpower IIs have a 24.00-inch overall length. Flowmaster mufflers Hush Power II delivers outstanding performace, durability and sound control. Ideal for limited-space installations.

FlowmasterTruck & RV mufflers and exhaust systems installed on your motorhome or truck can significantly improve acceleration and towing power while simultaneously increasing fuel economy up to three miles per gallon in some motorhome applications. Because of the efficiency of Flowmaster mufflers, underhood temperatures on trucks and motorhomes can be greatly reduced as well. This decrease, which can be as much as 200 degrees, can help to lengthen the service life of many components, particularly belts, hoses, ignition wires, starter solenoids and exhaust manifolds. The secret is the design and quality of Flowmaster mufflers components, which transfer the engine heat further down the exhaust system, where it is dispersed into the air stream under the vehicle.

Product Evolution... This is what sets Flowmaster apart from other companies. Using our patented designs, Flowmaster prides itself on developing and providing to you, the consumer, the most efficient and durable exhaust products in the world. Our latest evolution in stainless steel technology using our Delta Flow design has been in development under racing conditions for the past five years from NHRA drag strips to the oval tacks of ARCA and Busch NASCAR. We have used this research to develop the next evolution of Flowmaster mufflers. These new exhaust products continue to meet our high standards of sound control with reduced backpressure to offer optimum performance both on and off the race-track.

Our mission with this new 409 stainless steel product line is to offer additional benefits in durability and longevity, while retaining our patented muffler design that delivers the most efficient exhaust flow and performance of any muffler available on the market today. Bar-None! We're proud of our mufflers and our exhaust systems and we appreciate that you are choosing Flowmaster for you exhaust needs.

Ray Flugger

Full Line Exhaust
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