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our online converter catalog offers the ability to look up converters for the car you are working on. Some exhaust applications are being added, as well.

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1. Why should I buy Flowmaster, Magnaflow, AP Exhaust and other catalytic converters and other products from
The site is part of Full Line Exhaust, an exhaust distributor covering the southeastern United States and has been in business over 36 years. We offer good products, at fair, competitive prices from a company you can depend on.

2. What is the difference in sound between a Magnaflow and Flowmaster?
Sounds can be in the ears of the beholder, therefore, we recommend going to the web sites of Magnaflow and Flowmaster, to listen to some of the sound clips. Magnaflow and Flowmaster are made completely different and the series you choose can also make a difference.

3. Can I expect an increase in horsepower and fuel mileage, if I replace my stock muffler with one by Flowmaster or Magnaflow?
In most cases yes, but there is no guarantee that it will.

4. If I buy a catalytic converter will I need to have someone install it or can I do it myself?
Basically, yes, unless you have the tools and knowledge to do the job. Some jobs such as putting on a Flowmaster kit, Magnaflow kit, or direct fit catalytic converter are relatively simple. However the more universal the part, the harder it is to do it yourself.

5. I cannot find the part I am looking for on your site ?
Give us a call at 1-800-482-7259 and we will be glad to assist you.

6. Do you carry other exhaust and performance products?
Yes, as an exhaust distributor we carry mufflers, chrome tips, stainless tips, hardware and other performance products, from such manufactures as Walker, Jones, ANSA, Flo-pro, Thunderbolt, Canamex, Dynomax, and Quickflow, just to name a few.

7. Can I order by phone?
Absolutely, we have a good many parts that can only be ordered by phone. Orders for those parts or any part we carry may be placed by calling us at 1-800-482-7259.

8. From where and when will my order be shipped?
Most orders are processed the next normal business day by UPS ground, unless otherwise specified and normally shipped from 1 of our 6 warehouse locations. On occasion when we are out of a part we will drop ship from the manufacture.

9. Will taking the catalytic converter off my car help the performance?
In most cases taking the catalytic converter off your car will do more harm than good, due to map sensors, oxygen sensors and computers on today's car. In addition, there is a serious fine for anyone who removes catalytic converters.

10. Can I use a universal catalytic converter in place of a direct fit converter?
Yes, with certain stipulations. We suggest in those cases, especially where the car requires an OBDII catalytic converter that you contact an experienced installer. Placement of the universal catalytic converter can be very critical.

11. Can I replace a good working catalytic converter?
Legally no, a catalytic converter is only to be replaced when defective.

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