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our online converter catalog offers the ability to look up converters for the car you are working on. Some exhaust applications are being added, as well.

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Selecting the Proper Universal

Engine Size
Determine engine size before selecting the converter. Converters are listed according to legal engine size. If engine has been changed and is not the same model year as the chassis, proceed as follows:

If the engine is older than the chassis, select the converter according to the chassis model year.
If the engine is newer than the chassis, select the converter according to the engine requirement.
Inform the owner that improper engine switching is not legal. The customer and the shop that switched the engine could be fined $2,500.00.

Converter Type
Determine the type of converter being replaced. Check whether the converter is a 2-Way, 3-Way, or 3-Way + Air.

Vehicle Weight
Determine the weight limit before selecting the converter. Converter coverage is listed according to Test Weight.

How to Calculate Vehicle Test Weight:
For passenger cars and light duty trucks less than 6000 lbs.GVW
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) - Vehicle Capacity + 300 lbs. = Vehicle Test Weight.

For trucks over 6000 lbs GVW
(Gross Vehicle Weight + Curb Weight) x 1/2 = Vehicle Test Weight.

This information can be found on a tag inside vehicle door or in the vehicle owner's manual (Use as estimate only).

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